Grytstapel set 6 pieces

Bio & Eco Friendly

All of Skeppshult products are produced using traditional handcraft methods and with carefully inspected raw materials that contain no "chemicals" read more...

Garanteed to Last

When correctly taken care of, a Skeppshult cast iron product is virtually impossible to wear out. We offer a 25 year guarantee for all of our cast iron products read more...

Iron Health, Naturally

Cooking with Skeppshult cast iron is pure benefit to our health and our planet that we all hope to be iron health for every generation read more...

Useful Knowledge

You will find information, tips & tricks and descriptions of how to maintain and take care of cast iron products easily read more...

Recommended By

Skeppshult products are recommended by Euro-Toques Belgium, an association of chefs and chef-owner, over two hundred in Belgium and more than four thousand in Europe read more...


Skeppshult Excellence, a new concept


Skeppshult products in a flash

- Bio and Eco friendly, 100% recyclable!
- Long lifetime with 25 years of cast iron guarantee
- Pure cast iron without any chemicals or pollutants
- Only pure rape oil is used to get the non-stick surface
- Incomparable frying properties and high heat resistance
- For all stoves, even open fire, works very good on induction stoves
- Better heat distribution and heat storage because of thicker material (save energy)
- Doesn't scratch, easy to clean, no detergents

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